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In 1998 after working in the Plumbing industry for 9 years, Peter Scott established his own small hands on Plumbing and Roofing business which expanded into Scottech Plumbing & Roofing Pty Ltd with long term trusted team members. Peter found his passion for the building and design industry when starting his Plumbing apprenticeship in 1989.
Scottech Plumbing & Roofing Pty Ltd focus on providing quality Commercial & Domestic Plumbing services with the latest technology and services to all of our Builders. Never underestimate the impact of high quality Plumbing and Roofing finishes in your new home, renovated home or business. We work closely with all Builders to get the style you desire without compromising the architectural integrity of your home or business.
Needing someone who will go above and beyond in both style and quality? We specialise in modern design and all our work is always completed with a high standard.
Are you a Builder or Architect needing a Plumber for a project for a new home, renovated home or business? Needing someone not afraid to do Plumbing or Roofing outside standard design limits? Scottech Plumbing & Roofing Pty Ltd are the people for the job!
Our vision is the be the most respected and professional Plumbing & Roofing company by not only recognised builders but also small family owned builders within the Newcastle and Hunter areas.

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